Fairy Houses

mostly ann marie garden blog pics 003Maryland Part 1 022

It’s fairy season down here in Southern Maryland.  If you are local and you’ve got some wee ones at home it’s a good time to head over to the Ann Marie Gardens in Solomons.  The   Fairies in the Garden exhibit continues until October 8th, admission is $5 for adults, children 5 and under are free.  The woodland path that houses the fairy dwellings also has a few other perks such as the tree pops – works of art that are depicted on some of the stumps and trees.  Here is one of my favorites;Maryland Part 1 038

We visited this exhibit last year when my daughter had just turned one and at best she was only mildly interested.  We went again this past May when the exhibit opened and once again it didn’t really seem to do much for her.  It might have been that she was so distracted by all the kids dressed up as fairies that she was unable to focus.  Today however she LOVED it.  She would shout, “I see another fairy house!” and take off tearing down the path.

mostly ann marie garden blog pics 006  Another perk of the Gardens is their large play area.   It plays host to a small stage, several large bamboo and fabric open tents, three play houses, low stump pathways, and a sandbox.  More Fairy Houses 011The group of kids we were with today would have gladly stayed there the whole time.  Ann Marie also lets the kids check out a woodland costume during their visit- they’re allowed to wear them outside as long as an adult leaves their keys or driver’s license at the front desk.  mostly ann marie garden blog pics 007

Sometimes it’s More Fairy Houses 010easy to overlook the local stuff or to think that one visit per summer is enough.  This is really a fantastic thing to be able to take your kids to More Fairy Houses 013see.  We had such a good time that I think we’ll be going back next week.  If my daughter lets me wait that long.

Maryland Part 1 024More Fairy Houses 020Maryland Part 1 023Maryland Part 1 031More Fairy Houses 012

Maryland Part 1 041

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