How NOT to Make Ice Cream

It’s August friends.  Somehow we have made it this far into the summer without eating anywhere near our usual ice cream quota.  I blame the infant.  We’ve been filling that non-ice-cream-eatiMegaball blog 022ng-time with laundry, nursing, and putting the baby back to sleep (an event that can go on forever).  And yet we haven’t missed the summer!  There are still six glorious days of this month left before we launch in to September.  I plan to make the most of them.  We might have gotten around to that homemade ice cream if the stores in our area hadn’t been out of rock salt.  Oh yes, no electric ice cream maker here.  We will be making do with the Megaball (translation-Megawork) sold by REI.  Megaball blog 023

To be honest we’ve only used it once before and it was… memorable.  First of all we didn’t have any kids then so we had more time to spend rolling the ball through the front yard.  Good thing because it took LOTS of time.  The experience of making a single quart of ice cream took us from daylight through dusk and into darkness.  It was autumn at the time so our fingers were cold and getting smacked by a hard plastic ball was not enjoyable.  When we got really sick of shaking the heavy ball my husband and I kept pawning it off on each other saying, “Your turn!”  Eventually we achieved a consistency that was less like soup and more like applesauce so we ate it.  It was delicious.  Overall however we’d have to call that a negative calorie experience.  We vowed to put the ball away for a good long time and purchase ice cream the normal way in the future.  And so we did.

Megaball blog 028

Three years later:

Me:  “Hey!  Look what I found in this cabinet- it’s the Megaball. We should make ice cream.”

Husband:  “Oh goody.”

Me:  “It wasn’t so bad.  Plus our daughter will think it’s fun.”

Husband (resigned):  “Hmmm.  If that’s what you want.”

We have a recipe book that I’d highly recommend if you’re looking for simplicity.  It’s called Lick It and uses soymilk bases for the ice cream.  There are also frozen yogurt recipes and a section on other types of desserts as well. This time around we decided to go with Cookies and Cream.  The picture above is my daughter going nuts on the cookies.Megaball blog 030

Our experience this time around was quite similar to the first.  Lots of work (on the part of my husband) yielded a quart of ice cream that has a consistency you can’t quite get used to.  Our daughter was more interested in blowing bubbles than in helping and so we did the only thing left to do.  We gave the Megaball a good washing, put it in a bag with our extra rock salt and dumped thMegaball blog 031e whole thing on to some unsuspecting friends at a pizza party last night.  Perhaps they’ll figure out how to make it “fun”.  I never thought I’d say this but we would have given a lot for a crank.  Electric ice cream maker here we come!

photo 1


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