The Gift of Playdough

summer 2013 033Playdough is a timeless treasure that has saved many a parent from the depths of despair.  It’s one of those activities that you just can’t say enough about, particularly if you have kids under 5 years old.  That’s my category- the under 5 crowd- which is why I’ve tried a pretty good number of the homemade playdough recipes on Pinterest.  If you’re looking to avoid doing that yourself then consider following this recipe It’s the best one so far.  It’s so good in fact that I made up a batch yesterday to take to a special birthday girl.  Alright, I only made it because my husband taunted me for the first gift I chose- pajamas.  You’re probablysummer 2013 025 thinking, “Pajamas?  For a birthday gift?  How decidedly un-fun.”  Ok but they were really awesome pajamas in her favorite color- green.  Still, my husband got to me and half an hour before the party there I was cooking up a new batch of green dough to take with us.  Be advised, it is a kind gesture to let the playdough cool before presenting it to a child.  I didn’t have time for such niceties but luckily the 20 minute ride over took care of this for me.  I put the dough in a mason jar, threaded a bright ribbon through a few playdough toys I had picked up on a recent Goodwill run, tied the ribbon around the jar, and screwed on a reusable lid.

I think she liked it.  Birthdays are overwhelming with so much fun and so many people crammed into a few short moments in time.  But still I’m pretty sure she smiled for a second before the next guests arrived.  This was positive feedback which got me thinking, “Heck.  Why haven’t I been doing this my whole life? This is summer 2013 029going to be my new go-to birthday gift!” Everybody likes playdough which is more than you can say for the latest and greatest new toy out on the market.  When you make it yourself you can stick to reusable packaging only, add scents, and choose only the colors you like.  It’s much cheaper than buying it new and your own kids can truly be involved in the gift instead of mom doing a solo birthday present run (which is what I initially did for the pajamas).

Good-bye to staring dizzily down the toy aisle while filled with trepidation and anxiety.  Hello playdough!


2 thoughts on “The Gift of Playdough

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