The Lure of Solomon’s Island, Maryland

Solomon’s Island, Maryland is a picturesque place rather well suited for little people.  Our usual destination there is the Calvert Marine Museum but it’s only so big and as a mom I can only handle so much of the same.  So on this gorgeous fall morning we headed to the island to see what else we could do.

First we traveled north past the island in order to visit a park near Anne Marie Gardens that I’ve always wanted to take my daughter to.Autumn 2013 001  I was a bit disappointed once we got there because although the big kid playground was fantastic, the little kid one was ho-hum.  If I could find the name anywhere I’d go ahead and share it here but no dice.

Instead of lingering we drove south again to walk along the Solomon’s pier.  It was a fantastic walk that included seagulls aplenty, a nice breeze off the Pautuxent River, boats to watch, and helicopters too.  Autumn 2013 004I also always enjoy viewing the Governor Thomas Johnson bridge from this angle.Autumn 2013 005  Although you cannot access the water along the boardwalk except for a couple private docks, you can still see fish swimming around down below and osprey hunting them up above.  As we walked I discovered the answer to a mystery I’d always wondered about.  Solomons Island looks very much like a peninsula and I’d never before found the spot where the water cuts it off from the mainland.  Now I know why.  It’s a break in the land that’s only about 10 feet wide and a tide box has been built around it thus giving it a bit of a disguise.Autumn 2013 017Autumn 2013 016

When we reached the western end of the boardwalk we were able to observe some docked boats and choose which one we would commandeer if given the opportunity.Autumn 2013 018Autumn 2013 011Autumn 2013 014

There is a small playground (designed to look like a boat I think) along the boardwalk too and in the past the little building behind it has been open and serving soft serve ice cream.  Perhaps summer really is over or else we were there too early in the day.  There is a snack shop directly across the street that was open however and numerous restaurants located along the main street.  Be warned, some are not accessible with a stroller.

The eastern end of the boardwalk boasted a view of the Solomons Pier Restaurant which I’ve always wanted to visit.  Perhaps if we ever get a babysitter….. (to see why this is complicated read this).  There are some informative signs posted along the walk and I was surprised to learn about the Pautuxent River’s involvement in the War of 1812.

Autumn 2013 003Autumn 2013 006

Scenic views, fresh air, exercise, and another exhausting time was had by all.

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