DIY Birdfeeders, Keep it Simple

Autumn 2013 007It’s hard to go wrong with these super simple pinecone birdfeeders.  We’ve all made them before  but sometimes it’s the most simple reminders that are the most useful. When long days of parenting have you feeling steamrolled there isn’t energy for anything complicated.  It’s like the baked potato.  So simple yet so overlooked.Autumn 2013 014

It seems like it took forever for my daughter’s dexterity skills to reach the level necessary for this project.  Only recently have we begun stringing penne pasta and peeling off stickers.  Now that we’re here I’m eager to keep going.  I was thrilled to present her with a popsicle stick and a bowl of peanut butter.  She spent a happy 2 minutes spreading it on the pinecones before Autumn 2013 012transporting it from the stick directly to her mouth.  Toddlers.  A minute later I heard her crunching on something that sounded a lot like a rock.  Nope, just one of the grains of super dehydrated corn.  After we fished that out we got to roll the peanut butter cones around in the birdseed- a sensory experience that I’m not ashamed to say I still enjoy.

‘Tis the season for collecting pinecones by the way, they’re just starting to fall in our neck of the woods (Southern Maryland) and watch out- they’re still very sharp.Autumn 2013 003

Perhaps the most engaging part of this project for my little one was the “Calling of the birds” ceremony we invented while hanging up our new birdfeeders.

Autumn 2013 016

Since our real birdfeeder has been empty for a time we weren’t sure how long it would take the birds to discover the new bonuses.  The answer?  A full 24 hours.  They’re here now though and we spent an afternoon practicing our birding skills.  As the leaves begin to fall birding will get much easier.  We are already looking forward to the winter happiness that comes in the form of over-wintering cardinals.  They provide such a nice splash of color during an often dreary time of year.

This is a great activity to do with your toddler while your infant naps.  You know, in case that ever works out.

Autumn 2013 019Autumn 2013 022


3 thoughts on “DIY Birdfeeders, Keep it Simple

  1. Just a line to say, Lu, what a great mother you have turned out to be.I marvel at your creativity (wish I could take credit for it) and I’m extremely impressed with your blogs. Makes me even more proud to be your Dad. –Anonymous Date: Sat, 21 Sep 2013 00:38:47 +0000 To:

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