A Golden Afternoon

Autumn 2013 025Even when you think, “My husband will never come home from his conference,” he inevitably does and all is well with the world again.  After spending many, many consecutive hours with my children I was able to slip away for 2 glorious hours on  Saturday and my only responsibility was the dog.  It was quite wonderful.  I chose to spend my time walking on some old forest roads.  Autumn 2013 028We’ve tried to get to these roads with the kids but they’re not stroller-friendly and they’re quite hilly.  Our 2 year old might be able to handle them in another couple years but not yet.

Autumn 2013 026

The start of fall has come to St. Mary’s County.  Not full blown autumn with the red and yellow leaves, chilly winds, and wool sweaters.  No, right now we just have a slight nip in the air, a break from the humidity, and days that end too soon.

Autumn 2013 039

My window prisms have started delighting us once again by scattering small rainbows all over the walls and floor.  Bedtime now means retreating to a dark room and if we leave the windows open all night we wake up with cold noses and sore throats.  The woods have a stillness that was not present just a few short weeks ago and in the shadowed green tunnels moments of discovery await.

Autumn 2013 031

Mushrooms are starting to appear and the foliage is beginning to change.  The trees were alive with the sound of woodpeckers throughout my walk though I never could actually find one.

Among the treasures discovered were a cow skull, a pile of oyster shells in the middle of the woods (possible midden heap?), Autumn 2013 037deer tracks leading to a small stream, shelf mushrooms, and a rope swing.

Autumn 2013 032

Deer tracks

Autumn 2013 030


Autumn 2013 018Autumn 2013 022Autumn 2013 051Autumn 2013 047

My dog got so muddy that I had to do a post-hike trip to the river so that I could put him in the car.

Autumn 2013 067

St. Mary’s River shoreline

I’ll wager to say he didn’t mind.

Neither did I.Autumn 2013 053Autumn 2013 066

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