Parenting is the Glow

photo-1Parenting is the best thing we’ll ever do.  Sure, the days are exhausting and the long nights of nursing can seem endless.  Not to mention that things I used to do without thinking now require effort.  For example, the last time I made oatmeal raisin cookies they turned out strangely spineless.  After some deep thought I deduced that I must have used the 1/4 measuring cup instead of the 1/2 measuring cup therefore using only half the proper amount of flour.  This happened because by the time the kids are asleep my brain is fried.  Every.  Single.  Day.  We’ve been eating the cookies with a spoon and I’ve vowed not to bake after 6PM.  Better for everyone that way.

Weekends are like marathons.  In retrospect I’m impressed that we’ve survived so many.  Yesterday we managed to go out to breakfast, visit the Marine Museum, feed everyone lunch, attend half of a field hockey game and half of a soccer game, feed everyone dinner, and go to a bonfire at the home of a newly acquired playground friend.  We arrived home smelling of campfire, coated in a film of marshmallows, sooty, sticky and over-tired, both kids were in tears.  Then we got up and lived the second half of our weekend.

We make the effort because as hard as it is on the outside it is absolutely exhilarating in our hearts.  Autumn 2013 Forrest Hall Farm 044For every attempt to send us into hysteria my daughter also says something incredibly sweet, like today when she said, “Daddy, you’re my little honey bun.”  I stood in front of the mirror this morning holding my son up in front of me and we laughed together while I kissed his sweet head.  The days are hard but the gifts are many.  Sometimes they’re a surprise, “Oh Mommy, I would LOVE to throw that stinky diaper away for you.”  Sometimes you have to work for them.  Sometimes your 6 month old manages to soak the whole king size bed in his hurry to eliminate all liquid from his system (last night).  But always there is incredible joy in watching one’s children.

Although the bags under my eyes may tell one story, inside I’m glowing.

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