DIY Piggy Bank: Cheap and Tacky

20131029-203231.jpgAlthough my daughter is only two and a half (at least a decade away from buying overpriced coffee drinks and supporting bad music) believe it or not we had a pretty big reason to go ahead and construct a piggy bank today.  Here it is in two words;  loose change.  It’s everywhere.  My husband is like a subdued version of King Midas.  Everything his butt touches turns to change.  And everything my son touches goes in his mouth.  So as you can see it would be a mighty quick trip for all the household change to find a new home.

We were sorely in need of an immediate solution.  There was a shoe box sitting on the desk.  Cue the Indiana Jones theme song: we had our answer.  Fortunately we also had a good supply of freezer paper, some tape, and a bucket full of “to be used one day” craft materials.

Step 1:  Cut a slit in the top of your box, rip off a large section of freezer paper and begin singing the Mary Poppins bank song “When you deposit tuppence in a bank account 20131029-202924.jpg
Soon you’ll see
That it blooms into credit of a generous amount.”

It’s never to early to start teaching them show tunes.

20131029-203011.jpgStep 2:  Gift wrap the shoebox with freezer paper or butcher paper.  Preferably you will have a top and a bottom to wrap separately.  Alas, we had no such thing.  Still, a box with an attached lid is better than no box at all.  So what if we have to rip off all the paper open one day to finally get to the change.  We’ll just hang it from our track lighting and pretend it’s a pinata.


20131029-203146.jpgStep 3:  Settle your toddler in for the long run with plenty of crafty stuff, crayons (old diaper wipe containers make great crayon homes), markers, stickers, google eyes, rubber stamps, last year’s Starbucks stickers, and anything else ya got.  All’s fair in “let’s keep my toddler busy til dinnertime”.

20131029-203208.jpg  Eventually your toddler’s attention span will run out just like it always does.  With any luck your project will look remotely done by then.

Step 4:  Christen your toddler “Keeper of the Piggy Bank” and let them know it is their duty to collect all loose change on a daily basis.  Be sure to mention that the next time a penny comes out of the baby’s butt it will be obvious they didn’t do their job.

Step 5:  Start looking under furniture or just in the middle of the floor for loose change.





2 thoughts on “DIY Piggy Bank: Cheap and Tacky

  1. Hi Hon, I read all your wonderful blogs. Good thing, too, because who has time to write long, newsy letters? So glad I have such a creative & entertaining daughter! Love, Mom Date: Wed, 30 Oct 2013 01:36:44 +0000 To:

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