Embrace the Whirlwind


Dorsey Park, MD

20131103-154025.jpgThe last year has been a whirlwind for us- we got to know our new surroundings (Southern Maryland verses Western Oregon), made some friends, and welcomed a son. Much has happened, most of it was a blur. Incredibly we have now found ourselves in November.  Again.

Time for the Halloween decorations to go away and to plan the Thanksgiving menu.

Time to make Christmas lists and check how much heating oil is in the fuel tank outside.

Time to throw leaves, take in the East cost colors, and make that last apple pie.

There is so much to do and doing it with two kids can make it all seem daunting, particularly with no family close by.  However it is possible.  There is time.

There is time for hikes at the nearby state park.

20131103-154550.jpgFirst taste of grass at Cove Point Park, MD.

The Dove at Historic St. Mary’s City, MD.

There is time for dinner picnics and pirate ships at sunset.

Time for eating grass.

Time for peace.

Time to be a family.

It isn’t easy and you might ask yourself later if it was worth it.  But you needn’t.  Because you know the answer before you leave the house.

No matter how awful it might be it will always be worth it.  Because this is the only time we have.  Not tomorrow, not next week.  Only this minute, right now.  So we have to figure it out.  We may have to stay up late to pack tomorrow’s lunchtime picnic.  We may have to spend naptime doing the dishes, the laundry, making the next batch of baby food, locating the pruning shears, or scrubbing the sweet potatoes out of the white carpet because there simply is no other time.


Greenwell State Park, MD

This stage of life is a whirlwind- an attempt to survive and take the family with me.  An effort to document enough moments so that my kids can get an idea of what their early childhood was like and more importantly who they used to be.  We may come out of this craziness one day or it may be like this forever.  But we’ll come through it together.  And we’ll know that we always took time to make time.



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