20131108-130319.jpgDear Husband,

The kids and I bought you something today and I know at first you may think it’s repulsive.  You will likely view it as something that epitomizes how commercial the holidays have become.  Which is why it is so perfect!  In case you have trouble embracing the awesomeness of this light-up Christmas tree hat, maybe this will help.

1.  When I put it on in the store the baby laughed his head off.  When I took it off he cried.  So clearly we needed to buy it.

2.  I know how much you love it when stores put out the Christmas stuff before Thanksgiving.

3.  It will look really good on you and it happened to come in your size.

4.  We have kids now- we should think about what makes holidays fun for them.  Like funny hats!

5.  We may never see its kind again.

6.  Your students will think you are awesome when you lecture with it on.

7.  In fact, everyone who sees you will think you are awesome.  Or just overly excited.  Or deranged.20131108-130334.jpg

8.  It’s warm and cozy.

9.  Green is a good color for you.

10.  If it doesn’t end up traumatizing the toddler she will have fond memories of it forever.

Happy early Christmas!  There are so many days left to show how festive you are!  You are so lucky!


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