An Honest Link to the Past


The Book book

These days it seems like everything is electronic and instant.  Letters have changed to to emails, cameras are digital, books are read on Kindles, Nooks or iPads, and even phone calls have shifted to text messages.  We can no longer recognize the voices or handwriting of our dear friends.  Heaven forbid that I should stand in the way of progress but these changes do make me sad.  This week my daughter pointed at a phone booth she saw in a picture book and asked me what it was.  “Well, a phone booth of course!” I sputtered.

The act of writing a letter can be an incredibly satisfying experience. The feel of the pen as it moves across the page, the smoothness of the paper under your pinky finger. Not to mention the thrill of receiving a letter in the mail. Delicious.  Reading a book provides the opportunity to feel the pages turn under your hand and the weight of the book itself.  Perhaps these things don’t call to everyone but they call to me.

I was a letter writer until I had kids.  A real letter writer.  I wrote pages and pages, drew pictures, included hand-made bookmarks, addressed the envelope and licked the stamp back when they were lickable.  I hope to get back to it when I get a little free time.  Insert laughter here.  {BAHAHAHAHA!}20131229-114511.jpg

There are still a few fun old fashioned ways to keep in touch that we can hang on to until they disappear.  One of these is the idea of a book book.  A small book in which you can record the title, author, and thoughts you have about any and all books that you read.  If you know other readers with similar tastes you can send the little book back and forth to help promote the books you liked and warn about those you didn’t care for.  Seven years ago a dear friend came up with this idea and we have been exchanging our little book book ever since.  Well I guess I did keep it this last time for a few years but it only made the rediscovery even sweeter.

So if you’re looking for a good way to stay in touch or a little something extra to exchange with your letters, consider sending a book book to a friend.


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