The Details

Last night my baby slept for 10 hours straight.  This was unprecedented to say the least.  He finally slept longer than 3 hours at a time!  I wanted to embrace this new set of circumstances and yet….. it was awfully strange.  At 2 AM I began regular breathing checks as I crouched over the crib listening for breath and putting my hand on his back when I didn’t hear anything right away. When he finally roused at 6AM I was thankful and exhausted.  And that is exactly why parents get gray hair before non-parents.  Children get you coming and going.

This morning I was taking my weekly shower when I heard someone fiddling with the doorknob.  Yes, it was my toddler who just recently became quite adept at doorknobs.  She marched up to the shower, flung open the curtain and greeted me exuberantly.  “Hi Mommy!”

“Hi honey.  Where’s Daddy?”

“Making my oatmeal in the kitchen.”

“Hmm.  It’s probably ready- why don’t you go see?  Shut the door behind you please.”

{Sounds of a baby crawling my way- is he in the bathroom?  In the doorway?}

“Wait!  Don’t shut the door!  Do not shut it!”  {Toddler’s footsteps pound toward the kitchen.}

{Baby spots me in the shower, gets a look of glee and begins pulling up on the shower curtain.}

“Husband!!!”  {Husband arrives perplexed.}  “The children are overthrowing my alone time.”

“Well, why did you leave the door open?”

{Lengthy sputtering on my part before the door closes and my husband is heard chuckling all the way to the kitchen.}

This is life with two children.  And a husband.

When I stepped out of the shower the baby was immediately thrust into my arms for a diaper change.  The smell left no doubt as to why my husband chose to pass him off.  So the amount of time spent being and feeling clean = less than 1 minute.  Having developed a bit of a 6th sense about poop I turned to my daughter.  Sure enough she was following suit.  My children are generally united in their bathroom habits.

While changing my daughter who refuses to use the potty (probably this is karmic punishment for previous bad deeds on my part) my baby once again crawled into the bathroom.  When I turned around he was pulling up on the potty.  The POTTY.  Gross.  To conclude: My daughter, who should be using a potty, won’t go anywhere near it and my baby wants nothing more than to commune with it whenever possible.  And by commune I do mean eat.

By the time we began to eat the oatmeal lovingly prepared by my husband it had congealed into a solid.  Solid like a desk is solid.  Well, that’s nothing new.  We dug in.


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