Whoa There Valentine’s Day

Winter 2013 159

Heart pattern- from paper to cloth.

Winter 2013 161

Grand plans.

Here in Southern Maryland we’ve been getting snow and slush more often than is usual for this time of year. Our plans to deliver valentines to local college students were thwarted by a slushy morning since I felt obligated to give my bicycle-commuting husband the car.

A secondary fail was the fact that the valentines I actually did make for my nieces never made it into the mail and remain in partial states of undress here in my house.  Sorry kids.  Maybe they’ll arrive in time for St. Patty’s Day?20140216-144822.jpg

For valentines this year we made cloth hand warmers in the shape of hearts.  They’re full of rice and can be heated for 45 seconds or until warm.  It seemed a nice way to send some love across the miles.  Or it would have been if that love had actually left our house.


Heart hand warmers.

Holidays are starting to get exciting around here- my daughter seems to grasp the concept of “holiday” now, at least partially.  She has not however caught on to the concept of “making crafts” which I hope will come some time soon.  Adults can only play with Little People for so long before a spork in the eyeball starts to sound like a good alternative.  Don’t you agree?

What did you make for Valentine’s Day this year?


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