“The days are long, the weeks are short.”  We’ve all heard it.  Most of the time the people saying it seem to be the parents of young children.  Now that I have a two year old and a 4 month old I have begun to realize that they’re right.  The days are sometimes interminably long.  So long in fact that I’m sure I’ve lived several lifetimes since getting up that morning and that entire wars have been fought and won in interesting foreign lands.  And yet the weeks fly by so fast that it is all I can do to keep up.  It feels like this period of time will last forever- that I will always be nursing one child at the kitchen table while feeding the other one oatmeal and listening to toddler tunes on this week’s library CD.  If it really were to last forever I believe I’d go insane.  However when considering how much more difficult parenting will become in the future I think that the here and now isn’t such a bad place to be.  Either way it is all too apparent that my days are running together, I am losing track of what we actually do in this house – we must be filling our time with something, but what?  My hopes for this blog include helping to keep my family in the moment, uniting stay at home parents, and passing along any wisdom that I may come across.  Whether you’re in a similar boat or not please come join me.


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