Orange Friday

20131204-142736.jpgBlack Friday.  Sounds so ominous.  So frightening.  So ugly.  And it is, isn’t it?

The event known as Black Friday is an abhorrent display of the very worst side of humanity.20131204-142853.jpg

This year my family stayed home on Black Friday where I sewed my daughter an orange flannel dress with white bicycles on it.  We bought nothing and took our kids to the park in the afternoon.  We modeled something I hope we can replicate every year forever.  The ability to stay away from the madness.  The ability to value fresh air over questing for large amounts of junk. The ability to make unique gifts with our own ideas and our own hands.

Winter 2013 304

When I see my little girl in her orange dress I hope it will serve as a reminder to buy only what I need, to always place time spent with family over time spent in a germ-infested mall full of strangers, and most of all- to never succumb to the desperate20131204-142829.jpg motivating cry, “But I have nothing to give so and so!”

We ALWAYS have something to give.  Our hands are not worthless.  We ARE capable of making something for someone else that they will value more than a $100 TV.  Be creative.  What would you give someone if you HAD to make it yourself?  A pie?  A scarf?  A video?  A bird feeder?  A flower press?  A giant wooden xylophone?  A piggy bank?