Got Sun?

An absolutely ridiculous thing about having kids is that when you finally do get a minute of pe20140121-112700.jpgace your brain may be too fried to think of anything fun to do with your offspring.  This is why I love Pinterest.  Last month my daughter and I finally got to make sun catchers.  What is a sun catcher?  Only a life saver if you happen to have a toddler and an infant.  Particularly in winter when playground time is sparse, the local museum is closed for renovation, and you share a car with your husband.

20140121-112636.jpgThey are easy enough even for young toddlers and if they are motivated (we were lacking a bit there) the project can be completed fairly independently.  We chose to make several small ones in honor of Grandma Plummie’s birthday and one large one for a friend who was coming over for dinner.

You just need clear contact paper, some colored construction paper, colored tissue paper (at least 4 colors), tape and scissors.  Simply cut a shape border out of the construction paper (such as a triangle, heart, or rectangle), peel off the back of  the contact paper cut large enough to fill the frame you’ve just made, and tape the whole thing to a window, sticky side facing away from the window.  Rip the tissue paper into small bits and put them in a bowl for your child.  Let them stick the pieces onto the frame until it is full.  Voila.  A sun catcher to keep in the window to imitate stained glass.20140121-112550.jpg

A great thing about this project is that you can revisit it fairly often.  That’s my plan anyway, at least until spring comes and we can get back outside.