Toddler Leg Warmers from Old Socks

Yo20140105-150208.jpgu know you’ve got some lurking in a drawer.  They may have been there just since Christmas or maybe for years….. undesirable socks.  Old, ugly, or with a hole in the heel, they just sit there taking up valuable real estate.

Do you happen to know a toddler?  If so, you can turn your old socks into fantastic leg warmers in 10 minutes by following these directions.  I take no credit for this idea or the above directions.  I merely support the realization that the excitement of Christmas is over and everybody needs a pick me up, especially the little ones.

I made three pair of these recently in less than half an hour and the only sewing skills you need are the ability to cut and to sew in a straight line20140105-150244.jpg.  I put my daughter’s on over her leggings for a bit of extra warmth.  We keep our house fairly cold and wear sweaters indoors all winter.  Why not leg warmers too?  They’re also great for winter playground visits.  Old ski socks would be great for this project if you have some.  In my case I used knee socks that had always been a little too big in the foot area.  Happy sewing!


From Sweaters to Tree Skirt DIY


So cheerful!

Buying a tree skirt seemed ridiculous when there were drawers full of fabric in my sewing nook.  No matter than no one piece of fabric was anywhere near big enough.  My tree needed a skirt.  I imagined myself in Little House in the Big Woods and I improvised.


Depressing sight.

Now I’m not saying it’s a beauty but I used up three old wool sweaters (except the arms which I’m saving for toddler leg warmers), I find it cheerful, and I no longer have to look at the bare base of the tree.  That’s 3 excellent outcomes from this project.


Scarf cut into 3 equal lengths.

First, I cut two sweaters in to rectangular bricks.  Then I sewed a long line of the bricks end to end alternating between the gray and the striped.  Then I sewed a second long line of them the same way.  I sewed the two together so that it looked like a scarf.  With the heavy wool I opted to use the zigzag stitch.  I cut the scarf into three equal segments, then sewed the segments side by side so it looked like a square.  Then I cut a slit halfway through the square so I could slide it over my tree base.


Scarf turned into a square.

Hoping that this would be large enough for a tree skirt I took it downstairs and tried it out.


Way too small. Hmmm.


Tree skirt enlarged.

Unfortunately it was way too small.  I went back upstairs and found a third sweater.  I cut it into 4 pieces and placed them around the tree skirt to be.  Looked OK except I didn’t have quite enough.  No problem, I had lots of gray fleece.  I cut out two fleece squares.  Perfect.  Then I stitched it all together and got this.  I found the red heart in my sewing basket.  It came in handy because I was able to sew it over a moth hole.

You can see that the stretch in the blue sweater is taking away some of the aesthetic value.  In order to fix that I could quilt a backing on it- that’s my only solution.  Next year I’m planning to have lots more energy so I’m going to give it til then to see what k20131207-181053.jpgind of thoughts emerge.  In the meantime I’m going to enjoy the satisfaction that comes from making something new from something old.

Got old sweaters?  Need a tree skirt?  Feeling thrifty?  Feeling green?  You know what to do!